What can I bring to the Air Show? • All bags/carry-in items will be checked by security at the gate. • Necessary items in a small backpack or bag such as medication, baby supplies/food, light clothing/blankets, sunscreen will be allowed. • If you are sitting in general admission, please bring blankets and/or folding chairs as there are no seats provided. Reserve seating provides you with a seat. • Strollers are welcome in the general admission area, Family Garden, Corporate Areas and Chalet Village. Strollers will be parked in designated areas at the back of the reserve seating area. •The Air Show will provide complimentary water in four large water tanks located around the airport grounds as well as bottled water sold at all concession booths. You are allowed to bring EMPTY water bottles into the Air Show with you and fill them with the water from the tanks. If you arrive with a filled water/beverage bottle, you will be asked to empty it before entering the Show. What is not allowed to be brought into the Air Show? The Oregon International Air Show is held on airport property and has strict safety procedures.To ensure your safety, please remember the following items are NOT allowed through the Air Show gates: • ALL types of knives • Leatherman-type multi-tools • Guns or weapons of any kind Other items not permitted include: • Tents/Pop-up canopies • Large Umbrellas • Bicycles (bike parking is available at the red gate) • Coolers/large backpacks • Food and/or beverages – unless medically necessary (baby formula/food is allowed, not in glass containers) • Glass containers of any kind. • Fireworks • No pets of any kind are allowed. Only service animals, with credentials are allowed through the gate. No exceptions. Can I leave and re-enter the Air Show? Yes, but you will need to make sure your hand is stamped prior to leaving. Your ticket will NOT get you back into the Air Show.