At this year's Intel Oregon International Air Show Presented by Standard TV & Appliance, we can't wait for you to see all of the spectacular performances! Experience a flyby from our flight sponsors at Alaska Air/Horizon Air, or watch as Mike Wiskus and the daring Lucas Oil Jump Team takes to the skies. Also, Dan Buchanan is sure to amaze with his impressive glider demonstration!
This highly acclaimed group of five is sure to "wow" any audience! With a combined total of over 25,000 career jumps, and multiple gold medal winning members, they truly own the skies!
Expect to see things you never imagined an aircraft could do! Michael will tumble his aircraft end-over-end, cut a ribbon up-side-down while flying only 15 feet above the ground, and for the first time ever, he has added the scent of Brut Cologne to his exhaust.
Enjoy the majesty and showmanship of Dan Buchanan's glider demonstration. Despite a spinal injury that left his legs paralyzed, Dan is one of the top glider pilots in the world!
Watch as the show's flight sponsor cruises overhead in their 747, slow and low!