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Air Show Location – Hillsboro Airport
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Ride Your Bike to The Air Show
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Air Show Location – Hillsboro Airport

The Oregon International Air Show office is located at the Hillsboro Airport. The office opens approximately 60 days prior to the show date. Office hours vary and it is recommended you contact the office prior to visiting. The Air Show office closes for the season a week after the Air Show.

The Oregon International Air Show will take place at:

Hillsboro Airport
3355 NE Cornell Road,
Hillsboro OR 97124.

Road Closures

2016 Road Closure Information
The 2016 Road Closure Document will be available by May 1, 2016.

Airport Closures

Aerobatic Box Hours and Aerobatic Box Road Closures:
This information will be listed in the downloadable 2016 Road Closure Document available by May 1, 2016.

Take Tri-Met to the Air Show

The Airport is located approximately 1/3 mile north of the Washington County fairground Tri-Met light rail station. The station, which is located on NE 34th in Hillsboro, provides travelers with access to Hillsboro as well as downtown Portland. For more information on routes and schedules, go to

Driving Directions

From Route 26 Eastbound:

Exit at Exit 59 - Jackson School Road and head south to Evergreen Parkway. Make a left on Evergreen. Make a right onto NE 25th Ave. and follow signs to parking.

From Route 26 Westbound:

Exit at Exit 61 - Brookwood Road and head south to Evergreen Parkway. Turn Right on Evergreen. Make a left at the second light onto NE 25th Ave. Follow signs to parking.

Where to Park

  • All parking is $10/car, $7 online.
  • Washington County Fairgrounds 873 NE 34th Ave. Hillsboro, OR 97124.
  • Sunset West Business Park on 25th Ave.
    • Closest parking to Frontier Orange Gate.
  • Jones Farm Parking Lot on 25th Ave.
    • Free parking to all Air Show attendees.
  • Club Parking is located in the Sunset West Business Park. Show your President’s Club ticket to the parking attendant and park steps from the VIP gate.
  • VIP parking is at Intel Jones Farm on 25th. Sponsored Chalets, Blue Sky Chalet, Beer Garden, Family Garden, Corporate Areas and Photo Pit Tickets with VIP parking pass park for free in the VIP lot. Show your admission ticket to the parking attendant.
  • On Field Parking and Handicap Parking - Enter through the white gate off Cornell Road to park on the field. Handicap parking is free. On Field tickets can be purchased online only.

Ride Your Bike to the Air Show

A partnership with the Washington County Bicycle Transportation Coalition has allowed us to coordinate a dedicated parking area just for bikes during Oregonian/Oregonlive Saturday and Sunday shows this year. It will be located in the Airport Terminal Building parking lot off Cornell Road near the Black Gate. This lot is directly across the street from the Washington County Fairgrounds. A welcome tent and bike racks will be ready for you when you arrive!
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Handicap Parking

Vehicles with official handicap hangers may enter through the "White" Gate off Cornell Road and park in the handicap lot on the Airport field. Handicap parking is also available in the sunset West Business park and the Jones Farm parking lot off 25th Ave. The Air Show provides shuttle buses for handicap/senior citizens at the Jones Farm and from the Max Station at the Washington County Fairgrounds. The closest outside parking for handicap provided by the Air Show will be at the Sunset West Business Park.
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Below is a listing of hotels that are Official Oregon International Air Show sponsors. Hotels are in close proximity to the Airport and some offer free shuttles to and from the event. Be sure and check with the hotel on available weekend shuttle service prior to booking.

Larkspur Landing – Hillsboro
3133 NE Shute Road
Hillsboro, OR 97124

Courtyard by Marriott – Hillsboro
3050 NW Stucki Place
Hillsboro, OR 97124

For additional hotel information, please contact the Washington County Visitors Association, 11000 SW Stratus St. #170, Beaverton, OR 97008, Phone: 503-644-5555 or

RV Overnight and Parking:

You can find a list of local RV Parks in the area by contacting the Hillsboro Chamber of Commerce at 503-648-1102.

Fly In Accommodations

Airport Closures:

Aerobatic Box Hours and Aerobatic Box Road Closures:

This information will be listed in the downloadable 2016 Road Closure Document available by May 1, 2016.

Pilot/Airport Information

Air Show Tie Down Aircraft Parking Information
Location: North T-Hangar area direction provided by Hillsboro Airport Tower: 503-615-5479

Cost: No aircraft parking fee at any time; Parking space based on first come; first served availability. We do not accept reservations.

A shuttle is provided from the Tie Down area to the admission gate. All guests are required to enter the field through the Air Show admissions gate during Air Show hours and must purchase a ticket to enter the Show. Purchase Tickets here or over the phone at 503-629-0706 .

Air Show Week Fly-In information:

Frontier Friday: 6am -12:30pm and 4pm – 6:30pm
Oregonian/Oregonlive Saturday and Sunday: 6am – 10:30am and after 5:30pm

  • Check the Notices to Airmen(NOTAM’s) for actual start time of the Temporary Flight Restriction(TFR). There may be construction closures in addition to Air Show closures.
  • If you are arriving prior to the Temporary Flight Restriction going into effect, you should have no problem making a routine approach to Hillsboro.
  • For the Frontier Friday Night show, plan to arrive and be parked prior to 5:00 p.m. local time.
  • The Frontier Friday Night show generally ends with pyrotechnics, including fireworks and a wall of fire. Plan on a minimum 15 to 30 minute delay prior to the reopening of the runway while the Port of Portland sweeps and checks the runway to ensure it has not been contaminated. Please be patient as you exit after the show is over on Frontier Friday Night.
  • For Oregonian/Oregonlive Saturday and Sunday, ensure you are on the ground and parked prior to 10:15 a.m. local time.
  • Once the TFR goes into effect, it will be very difficult to enter/exit the airspace and is only allowed on emergency basis.
  • Make sure and get the Automatic Terminal Information Service(ATIS) before checking in with the Tower on frequency 119.3MHz. Call the tower at least 10 miles from the airport.
  • Expect to land on Runway 31 (wind permitting). After touchdown, either turn NE on taxiway B or Rwy 2 (if able, it’s only about 1,700 feet from the Rwy 31 threshold). Otherwise turn SE at any exit and Ground Control will direct you to spectator parking at the “Northeast T-Hangars”. From there, a shuttle will bring you over to the Air Show main gate.
  • If you arrive after the show has started, we will not be able to accommodate your landing. Hillsboro Ground control may be able to assist you on frequency 121.7.
  • View Fly-In Map

Check Your NOTAMS.

For NOTAM’s please go to or For further information contact the Air Show Office at 503-629-0706 or via email.

The gate times and schedule vary each day. Frontier Friday Night gate times are 5:30-10:00pm; Oregonian/Oregonlive Saturday and Sunday gate times are 9:00 am-5:00 pm.
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