Fly-In Aircraft

The Oregon International Air Show is becoming the premier fly-in event in the Pacific Northwest. To that end, we are dramatically expanding our benefits for GA pilots!

This year we are offering FREE general admission to the Air Show for pilots who display their plane on our static-line! Fly-In pilots and their passengers also enjoy our Pilot Lounge, sponsored by Columbia Aviation Association and access to the new Pilot Expo.

Arrival and Departure Times:

All pilots wishing to fly into Hillsboro Airport (KHIO) are welcome. Slot times are not required. Arrival and departure times are as follows:

  • Friday August 5, 2016: Arrivals between 1545 and 1730, Departures after 2230
  • Saturday August 6, 2016: Arrivals before 830, Departures after 1730, maybe earlier
  • Sunday August 7, 2016: Arrivals before 830, Departures after 1730, maybe earlier
Pre-Register for Free Admission:

The first 50 pre-registered Fly-In aircraft will be provided preferred parking on the static line with free show admission for you and your crew and easy access to show attractions.

Please complete the registration form here.

Registration is not required to tie-down your plane on the northeast side of the field and then take the shuttle to the admission gate and pay for show admission. Tickets can be purchased in advance.

All pilots should check in at the Pilot’s Lounge, sponsored by Columbia Aviation Association upon landing. Mingle with other pilots and enjoy snacks and drinks. All pilots have free access to the Pilot’s Lounge and Pilot’s EXPO by showing your pilot’s license.

Arrival Instructions:

Please observe all Notams and TFRs. If possible, use flight following in order to be advised of the unusual number of aircraft in the area. View Fly-In Map

1. Pre-registered Static Line Aircraft: Contact Hillsboro Tower 119.3. Advise if you are a pre-registered static line aircraft. Upon landing, Hillsboro Ground on 121.7 will have your tail number and give you taxi instructions to the Center Tie-Downs. You will be marshalled to your spot.

2. Non-registered aircraft: Contact Hillsboro Tower 119.3. Upon landing, Hillsboro Ground will give you taxi instructions to the Northeast Tie-downs. Shuttle bus to the gate is available from there.

No arrivals or departures will be permitted during the show so plan your arrival and departure times accordingly. Be clear on all Notams and TFRs before arrival. It is your responsibility as PIC.

Air Show Week Fly-In information:

Frontier Friday: 6am -12:30pm and 4pm – 6:30pm
Oregonian/Oregonlive Saturday and Sunday: 6am – 10:30am and after 5:30pm

  • Check the Notices to Airmen(NOTAM’s) for actual start time of the Temporary Flight Restriction(TFR). There may be construction closures in addition to Air Show closures.
  • If you are arriving prior to the Temporary Flight Restriction going into effect, you should have no problem making a routine approach to Hillsboro.
  • For the Frontier Friday Night show, plan to arrive and be parked prior to 5:00 p.m. local time.
  • The Frontier Friday Night show generally ends with pyrotechnics, including fireworks and a wall of fire. Plan on a minimum 15 to 30 minute delay prior to the reopening of the runway while the Port of Portland sweeps and checks the runway to ensure it has not been contaminated. Please be patient as you exit after the show is over on Frontier Friday Night.
  • For Oregonian/Oregonlive Saturday and Sunday, ensure you are on the ground and parked prior to 10:15 a.m. local time.
  • Once the TFR goes into effect, it will be very difficult to enter/exit the airspace and is only allowed on emergency basis.
  • Make sure and get the Automatic Terminal Information Service(ATIS) before checking in with the Tower on frequency 119.3MHz. Call the tower at least 10 miles from the airport.
  • Expect to land on Runway 31 (wind permitting). After touchdown, either turn NE on taxiway B or Rwy 2 (if able, it’s only about 1,700 feet from the Rwy 31 threshold). Otherwise turn SE at any exit and Ground Control will direct you to spectator parking at the “Northeast T-Hangars”. From there, a shuttle will bring you over to the Air Show main gate.
  • If you arrive after the show has started, we will not be able to accommodate your landing. Hillsboro Ground control may be able to assist you on frequency 121.7.
  • View Fly-In Map