Parking Information

Where to Park

Air Show guests are directed to the following three parking areas:
• Washington County Fairgrounds, 873 NE 34th Ave. Hillsboro, OR 97124. $7 online and $10 day at the gate per car.
• Sunset West Business Park on 25th offers closest parking to Orange Gate. $7 online and $10 day at the gate per car.
• The Jones Farm parking lot on 25th Ave is a free parking facility open to all Air Show attendees.
• General Admission, Reserved guests may park at any of the above locations.
• VIP Chalet guest parking is at Jones Farm on 25th. A VIP parking pass is required to enter the VIP lot.
View Parking Map - Green is for the General Public parking. Orange is for Chalet, VIP and Media parking. Purple is for handicapped parking which must be accompanied with a DMV permit.

Handicap Parking

Vehicles with official handicap hangers may enter through the white gate off Cornell Road and park in the handicap lot on the Airport field. Other handicap parking will be available in the Sunset West Business Park and the Jones Farm parking lot off 25th Avenue. The Air Show will provide shuttle buses for handicap/senior citizens at Jones Farm and from the Max Station off of Cornell Road. The closest outside parking for handicap provided by the Air Show will be at the Sunset West Business Park.
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