Static Aircraft

US Navy E-2 Hawkeye
US Navy F-18 Super Hornet
US Navy F-18 Legacy Hornet
US Air Force F-15 Eagle
US Air Force T-6 Texan II
US Air Force UH-1 Huey
US Army UH-60 Blackhawk
US Army UH-72 Lakota
Royal Canadian Air Force CH 124 Sea King

T-33 Shooting Star
P-51 Mustang
T-6 Texan
A6M3 Zero
F6F Hellcat
A6M2 Zero
FM-2 Wildcat

Embry-Riddle Diamond DA-42
Elevate Extra 330LX
Precision Cabri G2
Precision AS 350B2
Civil Air Patrol Cessna 182
Seaport Airlines Cessna Caravan

In addition to our performers, Oregon International Air Show is pleased to have the following aircraft on display. Military statics are subject to cancellations based on military need. Keep checking for additions/changes to this list!