2012 Photo Contest

The votes were tallied, the decisions are in… thank you to everyone that submitted a photo and a BIG thanks to those that voted in our first annual “People’s Choice” Contest. There were 4 categories this year:

A panel of 7 judges was selected to vote on the first 3 categories. The judges consisted of business people in the community, Air Show board members, Air Show staff and volunteers that took part in the Show this year. The photos were judged based on the following criteria:

  • Originality/Creativity. We don’t want a photo to win that 3 or 4 people submitted the same image of; it needs to be different, creative, original.
  • Perspective. Everyone can take a picture from straight on, is the perspective different? Is it an interesting angle or approach?
  • Crisp focus and exposure: With the exception of photos that either intentionally show motion or are taken as soft-focus images (such as a portrait), tack-sharp focus is one of the first things that everyone notices first about an image.
  • Does the photo tell a story or elicit and emotion? Most often, the difference between a photo you remember and one that you quickly forget depends on whether the photo tells a story. In strong photos, the story is revealed at first glance, and it is self-contained. In the best images, the story evokes an emotional response from the viewer. We believe it’s that emotional response that ultimately makes the image memorable.
  • How does the picture represent the Oregon International Air Show? Many of these photos could have easily of been taken at ANY air show in the country… we are looking for shots that say “Oregon” and represent us and who we are.

The Air Show received over 250 photos for this contest. They were narrowed to 6 in each category. Below is the winner, runner up and honorable mentions. The People’s Choice award nominees were not finalists in any of the other contests in an order to allow more to participate in the final contest.

Winners from each of the above 4 categories will receive a framed 11×17 of their photo and 2 VIP tickets to the 2013 Oregon International Air Show. The Runner up from each category will receive a framed 8×10 photo of their photo. All awards and tickets will be presented at the Checks for Charity event that takes place in December.


1st Place Winner: Runner Up: Honorable Mention:
In The Air 1st Place In The Air 2nd Place Thumnail In The Air Honorable Mention Thumbnail
Fedor Pikus Chris Daley Ben Carlson



1st Place Winner: Runner Up: Honorable Mention:
On The Ground 1st Thumbnail On The Ground Runner Up Thumbnail On The Ground Honorable Mention Thumbnail
Jennifer Barry Brian Hughes Fedor Pikus


1st Place Winner: Honorable Mention:
Overall 1st Thumbnail   Overall Honorable Mention Thumbnail
Chris Malone           Chris Daley



1st Place Winner: Honorable Mention:
People's Choice 1st Thumbnail   People's Choice Runner Up Thumbnail
Jennifer Barry           Matt King