THE OREGON INTERNATIONAL AIR SHOW SEPTEMBER 25-27, 2020 McMinnville Municipal Airport

Matt Younkin: Magic By Moonlight - NIGHT SHOW

Matt Younkin: Magic By Moonlight - NIGHT SHOW

This is truly a show-stopping act and has been a major highlight in every airshow it has participated in for years.

Imagine the airshow circuit’s largest, noisiest, and smokiest airplane lit up like a Christmas tree and performing aerobatics at night! Imagination has become reality! Keeping with Younkin Airshows tradition of pioneering the unusual, this new variation of an existing amazement will surely be the highlight of any night airshow.

Twin Beech after dark consists of the industries only ground started night spectacular. With the lights and smoke, the airplane appears to climb vertically like the spaceshuttle Discovery. The Beech Ellie Smallreturns shortly for a spectacular display of strobes, spotlights, and illuminated smoke. The bottom of the airplane contains a series of red and white strobes and military position lights that combine to create an effect that will thrill even UFO enthusiasts.

In contrast, the top of the airplane contains spotlights which illuminate the wing, tail, and at times even the fuselage based on spectator position and smoke enhancement. With powerful music that only the Twin Beech could perform to, and an obscene amount of lights top and bottom, this act is the envy of many night show performers who spend thousands on pyrotechnics.