THE OREGON INTERNATIONAL AIR SHOW SEPTEMBER 25-27, 2020 McMinnville Municipal Airport

Renny Price

Renny Price

They say it takes 10,000 hours of practice to make an expert. When you've logged more than 23,000 hours over the course of your career, your name is Renny Price.

A retired airline captain, Renny holds FAA ratings of airline transport pilot, flight engineer, multi-engine instrument flight instructor, aerobatic competency evaluator and FAA safety counselor. His personality is as big as the Sukhoi-29 he flies and is unanimously considered one of the world's greatest pilots.

Renny's love for flying and desire to perform is reflected in the equal amount of time he spends on the ground, meeting with fans and signing autographs. His desire to wow an audience is complemented by his Russian-designed and built SU-29, which is widely regarded as the best two place unlimited competition aircraft in flight. Purchased in 1998, his SU-29 has a top speed of 240 knots, and is responsive enough to allow Renny to perform stunts he would never be able to accomplish in another similar-sized aircraft.

The dedication to his craft led Renny to start his own aerobatics company. Named Hammerhead Aerobatics, when he's not in the skies performing, his company helps train other pilots how to perform stunts. It was in 1995 when Renny got his start as a stunt pilot, after becoming an already successful commercial pilot and realizing there was so much more excitement to be had flying planes. Ever since his career took off, it's been nothing if not impossible to keep Renny's feet on the ground.